Hi, today’s BazQux Reader update is quite boring but necessary one. Now you can register and log in using email & password:

Email registration on the landing page

A bit of history. In 2012, I was so tired of inventing a new password for each new service that sometimes I didn’t even sign up due to this. That’s why I decided to make a one-click social login to BazQux Reader.

Over the time traditional email registration became one of the most voted features on UserVoice but I resisted since it is complex (ton of corner cases) task and there was a lot of other things to do.

Meanwhile, Safari then Firefox added automatic password generation and registering via email became much easier. At the same time everybody understood that Google is not a “don’t be evil” company (and I’d better to not talk about F-company). So more and more people wanted to get rid of accounts in these questionable companies that track you and sell your data to advertisers. And there are more and more people that do not have a Google, Facebook or Twitter account at all (and that’s great). But they want to have a BazQux Reader account and starting to ask me how to do it almost every week. So it was time to implement email registration.

There are more things that you could do besides registering. Go to settings ⇒ Account

Account menu item in settings menu

to open account management dialog:

Account dialog

Here you can change your account email, username (it’s not necessary now but could save you some typing when logging in from mobile devices or apps) and password.

You can still use one-click login via Google, Facebook, Twitter or OpenID. It’s possible to add several login methods in “Associated accounts” section as well as remove all of them and leave email & password login only.

If you have Twitter or Facebook feeds then adding corresponding account will help to fetch them faster since your access token will be used (with separate per-user rate limits) to fetch your feeds instead of app access token (with global rate limit).

In “Status” section you could see when it’s time to renew and how many feeds you have.

And finally you can renew anytime you want by clicking “Buy now” in “Payments” section (and you can even donate if you’re on a lifetime subscription).

Other things:

  • You can subscribe to Telegram channels now (but beware that many popular Russian channels are used for black PR and propaganda).
  • Added support for right-to-left languages.

Happy reading!