Hi, you may wonder why BazQux Reader wasn't available today.

Everything is fine with reader itself. But my hosting provider had experienced a major DDoS attack (60 Gbit/s at least).

For about 10 minutes whole datacenter was offline (at 13:46 GMT). Then major part of traffic was blocked for an hour. Then things improved a bit. Unfortunately, most of the USA (where the most of BQ customers are) was blocked for 3 more hours. So it was about 4 hours of downtime in total for some customers.

Since the feeds are fetched from all around the world there was 30% of fetch timeouts during first hour and about 5-10% during the next three. So some feeds will be updated later than usual.

It's a first time I'm seeing network problems with my hosting provider. Hope they won't occur too often and you will continue to enjoy 100% uptime like it was in the last few months.