Hi, glad to announce some new features.

Now you can create a public feeds for your starred and tagged items, folders and latest items. Right click on the feed source:
Choose a Public feed menu item and you'll see the following dialog:
Public feed is disabled by default. Click Enable button and voilà, you've got the feed:
You can always disable public feed or generate the new address if the old one become compromised.

The interesting way to use such feeds is to automate your workflow with IFTTT (I've even added a direct link to a new recipe). Just select the feed channel, paste feed URL and use whatever action you want. For example, you can automatically send your starred items to Pocket, or save them to Evernote.

Another new thing is a keyboard navigation within your subscriptions list. Here are the new shortcuts:
  • Shift+J, Shift+N — next subscription
  • Shift+K, Shift+P — previous subscription
  • Shift+X — expand/collapse current folder
  • Shift+U — select parent folder
  • d then a — display latest items
  • d then s — display starred items
  • d then d — open subscription selector (my favorite one)
  • d then u — open feed selector
  • d then f — open folder selector
  • d then t — open tag selector
That's how subscription selection dialog looks like:
It searches by both subscription title and the feed URL (so you can type "flickr" and see all flickr feeds even if they don't have "flickr" in title). Just try it.

And to further simplify keyboard navigation, spacebar (or j/n) on the last article automatically switches you to the next unread feed.

Few more shortcuts for those of you who prefer larger fonts:
  • - or = — change article font size
  • _ or + — change reader font size

I have quite a poor eyesight and designed BazQux Reader to look good even with huge browser fonts (unlike many other sites whose designers think everybody have 20/20 vision). But default font size was chosen to match one of the Google Reader or Wikipedia. Now you can change it without configuring your browser.

One more small feature is the ability to see feed address. Chose Feed address from feed or context menu to see the feed URL:

And half-dozen more small improvements:
  • Fixed spacebar sometimes selecting next article while current one is not yet fully read (especially annoying in list view).
  • Shift+Click on article header in list view marks article read/unread.
  • Subscribe bookmarklet (drag the link to your bookmarks bar, link also available in Resources section of Help).
  • N/P skips already read comment threads (nice for long discussions). J/K still select each comment.
  • U scrolls to post top
  • Escape goes to parent comment/post if current one is already collapsed.

Hope you will like today's update.

Next thing planned is subscriptions search.