Subscriptions reordering was one of the top requests for a long time. And now it's here!

You can change order of feeds, folders, tags and even starred items in your subscriptions list using simple drag and drop.

The right-click context menus have been added. They allow to do basic actions like renaming, unsubscribing and assigning folders without selecting the feed first.

As you can see there are few more new options. You can reset ordering everywhere, top level only or in particular folder.

And there is an option for those who what to see exact unread counts instead of 500+.

One more new feature for people reading foreign blogs is the article translation using Google Translate. It's available in the article menu or via Shift+V and Shift+B keyboard shortcuts.

Only article content (or content from Readability) is translated instead of full article web page to help you read faster.

Next things planned are feeds for starred and tagged items and improved keyboard navigation.