Happy to announce that one of the most requested features is now available.

At the beginning I decided to not implement auto refresh since it can distract from reading and distract free reading is one of my top priorities at BazQux. That's why post time and message buttons are in the far top right corner and simple thin line used to separate posts instead of heavy box filled with buttons. I believe that RSS readers are for reading and shouldn't focus on form over function.

But many people have requested an auto refresh. Some people even thought that BazQux doesn't update feeds. So I changed my opinion and did what you've asked ;)

Counters aren't blinking on update so it's still not so much distracting.

And some more:
  • "Mark all as read" now refreshes articles list to show new posts (if any) appeared since you selected the feed.
  • Selecting feed/folder/latest shows you all new posts instead of only those appeared before last page refresh (this can slowdown selecting large folders a bit).
  • "r" keyboard shortcut now refreshes unread counters of all subscriptions and reloads currently selected feed.

Hope you'll like today's update.

Next thing planned is feeds reordering.