BazQux Reader now have Google Reader compatible API. It means that any mobile app which works with Google Reader can work with BazQux just by changing server address from to

BazQux Reader will be supported in the next updates of Mr. Reader (iPad) and Feeddler (iPad/iPhone).

Developers of JustReader (Android) and SlowFeeds (iPhone/iPad) are busy at the moment but will take a look later.

Unfortunately there is still no answer from Reeder, gReader, Press and Newsify. Please, ask them (or your favorite app developers) to add support for BazQux Reader.

I want to thank Oliver Fürniß (Mr. Reader developer) for all the help he provided during development of API. He replied my mails quickly, pointed out my mistakes and provided test version of Mr. Reader even before I've implemented basic API calls. And looking how Mr. Reader handled API errors I must say that it's a very high quality product.

When the new versions of Mr. Reader and Feeddler will be available on App Store you'll need to set your login & password in Mobile login menu item:
and then log in from mobile app.

What's next?

Now I'm working full throttle on starred and tagged items. I'm planning to release them in a week or so. They are already supported in mobile apps and the import from Google Reader is done too. Just wait a bit ;)

PS: A little bonus for Opera users. Opera notifier extension for BazQux Reader is now available!