Since Google announce many people have requested compact one-line list view. Happy to say that BazQux Reader now has one:
BazQux Reader list view

"Compact" is now default list view mode. If you'd like to return old mode go to Options => List view => Normal (or use keyboard shorcut '6' to toggle).
BazQux Reader list view menu

If you like really dense information stream (and don't bother to point your mouse precisely on tiny line) there is an Ultra-compact option:
BazQux Reader ultra-compact list view

I tried to copy list view behavior as close to Google Reader's one as possible. Clicking, expanding/collaping, J/K, N/P — everything should work as expected.

Posts are not marked as read while scrolling in compact list view. If you like to mark them read automatically check Options => Mark read => On scroll.
BazQux Reader mark read menu

And you can disable marking posts read on scroll in all view modes by choosing "On click" option.

Another thing added more than a week ago is HTTPS. BazQux Reader now uses secure connection by default. It means that no one can monitor what you read (however, many feeds contain non-HTTPS images so not everything is secure).

What's next? Now I'm starting to work on Google Reader API (so existing mobile apps could easily integrate BazQux Reader) and then on Starred items.

BTW, you can propose and vote for new features in our UserVoice.