Hi! Long time without major new features. Time to break this bad habit ;)

As you can suspect I've added grouping of articles by feed. Some people prefer to read this way and it actually works quite well if you don't have too many high volume feeds.

You can separately enable grouping by feed for folders, latest stream, smart streams and starred or tagged items. Just go to feed menu and check "Group by feed" item:
Group by feed menu item
And voila, you're going from this:
to this:
Feed titles stay on top while you're scrolling:

And it's now possible to bulk unstar or untag items (from the feed menu or right-click menu):
It's useful to remove those old starred items that you won't look into anyway or remove tag that you no longer need (but beware — there is no undo!).

Other features that are ready for quite some time but were too small to blog about:
  • Embedded Tweets and Instagram photos are shown properly in posts.
  • Search system stability is finally fixed (there were several outages due to it being overloaded).
  • Added searching by URL. Use link:example.com to find articles containing specified link or item_link:example.com/post1 to find articles that links to specified URL (ignoring article text).
  • Multiple images, videos and quoted tweets are supported in Twitter feeds.
  • Fixed issue with ad-blockers halting reader on posts about advertising.

Next thing planned is improved sharing.

Happy reading!