Hi, glad to say that there is one more Android app available for BazQux Reader and it's FeedMe.

What I like in this app is that it's a golden middle between design and features.

It looks clean and not overloaded yet it has most features you need for reading.

The thing I liked the most is the ability to turn off sync for some feeds. I have a number of high volume feeds which I read only occasionally. But mobile apps don't know about this and sync thousands of items I don't care instead of dozens that I really need. With FeedMe I can sync only what I really want to read and that's great.

Another thing I like is that FeedMe uses wide enough margins for article text. Many apps reduce margin width to fit as much text as possible on phone screen but it actually makes text harder to read (at least for me).

I invite everybody to try this app. It's free (although I wish paid version to appear to make FeedMe sustainable).

And thank you, Shawn Zhang for supporting BazQux Reader in your wonderful app!