Hi, some new features were added to BazQux Reader.

You can now add articles to Pocket in one click without opening new browser tab:
On the first click there will be an option to authorize to Pocket. After authorization next saves will be one-click.

It's now possible to chose data range in 'Mark all as read' menu. So you can mark only old articles as read. Very useful when there are too many posts in some blogs.

I've also added options to unsubscribe from all feeds and to delete account:
Besides subscriptions menu, delete account option is also added to the free trial expiration dialog. Privacy is very important aspect and while only 1/1000th of registered uses have requested account deletion I still implemented it.

There are few improvements in the feeds fetcher. Post contents are now updated when they're changed in the feed. And subscribers count is now reported to publishers in the User-Agent header.

But the most important thing I did is the automatic removing of unused feeds and accounts with expired free trials. That means I now need to fetch few times less feeds and use less servers. This also means that feeds from popular sites (that host many feeds but don't have real-time updates, like Reddit, Twitter, LiveJournal or Google News) are updated faster. Since most sites do not allow more than a few downloads per second I'm rate limiting my feeds fetcher and the lesser feeds I have, the smaller is the download queue and the faster are updates.

It's a great strength of paid only feed readers. Unlike in freemium products you don't pay for other's feeds (that's why I can afford to set the low $9/year price) and you get faster updates.

During past several months I've gradually reduced server costs 3 times. Now I'm using only 5 servers (although quite powerful ones). This means that even newly registered users alone are now covering most of the server costs. With 85% of weekly active users and 3 times less server costs I hope that this year's profits will be much better than previous one (most of them were spent on the servers).

Next thing planned is a big one. I'm going to add ability to apply filters or save them as a feed so it'll be possible to hide uninteresting posts and to monitor interesting ones.

PS: If you'd like Unread app to support BazQux Reader just tweet its developer or mail unread at jaredsinclair dot com.

Happy reading!