The new version of Slow Feeds app for iPhone and iPad is available and guess what... it supports BazQux Reader!

Thank you Stefan!

Slow Feeds is unusual app. It doesn't allow you to select feeds or folders. It gives you another angle on your feeds instead.

When I first tried it I've seen empty Slow Feeds section and thought it's not working. But then I've pressed a button to show already read items and there were precisely those most interesting posts I've already read by manually clicking on feeds. So the "Slow Feeds" idea is working (not with 100% hit rate but quite good).

Another interesting feature is a Hot links section. I have few high volume feeds (that aren't read most of the time) and it turned out they're often links to the same news. And Slow Feeds allows you to quickly look what's hot today. I'm finding this feature quite useful and will probably add it to BazQux sometime in the future.

Images section is also quite nice (I have few photoblog feeds, that's why there is a mosaic view in BQ). And in general Slow Feeds looks very pleasant.

While Slow Feed surely won't suit everybody's reading needs I recommend you give it a try. Very unusual experience.