BazQux Reader will be not available for about 4 hours at 8:30 GMT (1:30 AM PDT, 4:30 AM EDT, 12:30 MSK, 5:30 PM JST) this Wednesday, July 17th.

I need to move the servers to a new dedicated rack with plenty of free slots to be able to add more servers in the future without downtime.

While I'm having capacity to serve at least 2x more load without any hassle, I need to be able to scale the system easy.

Unfortunately, my hosting provider can't directly connect racks or guarantee steady high speed between racks. While it's possible to move servers without downtime I'm afraid there can be problems with a speed and stability of the service. So I decided to move them at once. There is also an option to use Riak Enterprise to make an online copy of the database but it costs much more than a few hours of downtime.

BazQux Reader is running on 8 powerful dedicated servers at the moment. While it could seem to be quite a low number it's actually 256GB RAM, 4TB SSD and 64 cores total. There are 8 even more powerful servers waiting to join in the new rack and there is still a free space for more servers.

So if you wonder why there were not many new features during the last few weeks -- it's because of I'm working on scaling the system. BazQux Reader is probably the fastest reader on market and I'm working proactively to maintain this state (while fixing little bugs, answering ton of mails and implementing new features ;).

And the next week I'm planning to finally implement auto removing of expired free trial accounts (feeds and comments are still fetched for all the people who ever imported subscriptions to BazQux -- that's 10M+ fetches a day), so I can handle even more load.

Then I will turn back to add more features: auto refresh, subscriptions reordering, keyboard navigation in the subscriptions list, more tight integration with sharing/bookmarking services, themes, filtering ... you name it.

And few more news:
  • JustReader Android app added support for BazQux. Get it on Google Play.
  • Vienna RSS released new Beta that supports BazQux Reader (you probably need to restart it after you set your login & password in sync settings).
  • There is a version of RSSOwl (60MB, Mac/Windows) with BQ support (although I found RSSOwl to be very slow on my subscriptions).
  • You can open articles in background by pressing 'b' (Chrome/Safari)
  • Fixed issue with handling some invalid feeds that previously shown only one post and didn't updated.
  • Fixed issue with uploading of large and uploading in Opera/IE.

Sorry for inconvenience this Wednesday.