Happy to say that I've just rolled out one of the most frequently requested features -- Starred items (favorites) and tags.

First of all, please, import your starred and tagged items from Google Reader before July 1st! I will implement importing from Takeout.zip later but it does not contain tags.

To import directly from Google Reader select Starred items and press Import starred and tagged items button:
You'll see this button only if no import is yet done. If you need to import again, go to Add subscription dialog:

And how it looks:

You can now star articles, assign multiple tags and even view all tagged items in one stream. And search is supported, just like everywhere else.

There are two ways to assign tags. Using mouse:
 or by entering from keyboard (press t for this dialog):

To star current article use s key or just click on star.

As you can see tags looks much like they look in Gmail. You can remove tag by clicking x, or you may view all items with this tag by clicking its name.

Few things are missing at the moment. Mark all as read is not yet working on tags and global tag renaming/removing is not here too.

Important note. All imported articles will be detached from the same articles in feeds and it will be impossible to mark them unread. Unfortunately there is no simple way to find correspondence between imported and existing articles.

What's next?

There are a lot of features to do. Probably auto refresh of unread counts will be the next one. But I need to take some rest and optimize things a bit to maintain the same high performance in the next few weeks.

PS: Chrome notifier extension is available.